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2018 EWGA Events Schedule (Dates/times subject to change)

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Jan 19-21 (Fri-Sun): 18th Annual Kuchman Polar Bear [Wild Dunes]

Jan 27 (Sat):  Brenda Gould Memorial Cup 1st round [Oak Hills GC]

Feb 24 (Sat):  2018 Columbia Chapter Kickoff [The Woodlands]

Feb 25 (Sun):  Brenda Gould Memorial Cup 2nd round [Oak Hills GC]


Mar 10 (Sat): Member/Guest [Oak Hills GC]

Mar 14 (Wed): Wednesday League Begins [Oak Hills GC]

Mar 15 (Thu): Thirsty Third Thursday [Publico Kitchen and Tap]

Mar 18 (Sun):  Brenda Gould Memorial Cup 3rd round [Oak Hills GC]


Apr 5 (Thu): Golf Ball - SC Jr Golf Charity event [Fairgrounds]

Apr 14 (Sat):  Chapter Event [Santee National GC]

Apr 19 (Thu): Thirsty Third Thursday [Beltline Lanes]

Apr 28 (Sat):  Brenda Gould Memorial Cup 4th round [Oak Hills GC]


May 12 (Sat): LPGA Amateurs Border Challenge (vs Charlotte) [Edgewater]

May 17 (Thu): Thirsty Third Thursday [Hickory Tavern]

May 19 (Sat):  Drive, Chip, & Putt Qualifier [Par Tee]

May 26 (Sat):  Brenda Gould Memorial Cup 5th round [Oak Hills GC]

Jun 9 (Sat):  LPGA Amateurs Chapter Championship [Oak Hills GC]

Jun 19-20 (Tue-Wed):  Women’s City Championship [Mid-Carolina GC]

Jun 21 (Thu): Thirsty Third Thursday [Thirsty Fellow]

Jun 23 (Sat):  Brenda Gould Memorial Cup 6th round [Oak Hills GC]

Jul 7-8 (Sat-Sun):  Dixie Cup 2018 [Pinehurst, NC]

Jul 19 (Thu): Thirsty Third Thursday [Publico Kitchen and Tap]

Jul 21 (Sat)Brenda Gould Memorial Golf Tournament [Indian River GC]

Jul 28 (Sat):  Brenda Gould Memorial Cup 7th round [Oak Hills GC]


Aug 3-4 (Fri-Sat): LPGA Amateurs Championship Semi-Final 
                                [Wildewood GC, Columbia, SC]

Aug 16 (Thu): Thirsty Third Thursday [Beltline Lanes]

Aug 18 (Sat):  Brenda Gould Memorial Cup 8th round [Oak Hills GC]

Aug 25 (Sat):  Chapter Event [The Woodlands]

Sep 20 (Thu): Thirsty Third Thursday [cancelled]

Sep 22-23 (Sat-Sun): LPGA Amateurs Cup, Atlantic Qualifier [Summit, NC]

Sep 29 (Sat):  Brenda Gould Memorial Cup 9th round [Oak Hills GC]

Oct 6 (Sat)
:  Member/Member [Orangeburg CC]

Oct 12-13 (Fri-Sat): LPGA Amateurs Championship Finals [Palm Harbor, FL]

Oct 18 (Thu): Thirsty Third Thursday [Twisted Spur]

Oct 20 (Sat): Chapter Event [Linrick GC]

Oct 28 (Sun):  Brenda Gould Memorial Cup 10th round [Oak Hills GC]


Nov 2-3 (Fri-Sun): LPGA Amateurs Cup Finals [Horseshoe Bay, TX]

Nov 3 (Sat):  Brenda Gould Memorial Cup 11th / final round [Oak Hills GC]

Nov 10-11 (Sat-Sun):  Fall Trip [TopGolf-Charlotte/Edgewater]

Nov 15 (Thu): Thirsty Third Thursday [Tazza Kitchen]


Dec 15 (Sat):  Holiday Party / Event [Oak Hills GC]


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Chapter League Play

Wednesdays - League [starts 3/14/18]
Oak Hills Golf Course
9 Holes - tee times starting around 5:00 PM


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